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Subject: RE: Cabinet Rails.

From: "Crawley, Eric" <esc@...>
Date: 2000-02-01

Wow, I don't read my mail for a short while and the MOTM conversations

So, I have a few things to correct here about "Moog Style" cabinets:

1. Yes, wood is used as the main brace on a "lower" Moog cabinet, it has an
angled front that matches the slope of the cabinet.


3. There is a standard metal rail that is mounted to the wood rails with
flat head wood screws. The machine screws for the modules are short enough
that they don't go into the wood, or if they do, they don't go very far.

4. The lower panel of half-height modules is broken up and attached with
hinges so you can get at the lower panels. It is tough to do this from the
rear when the panels are at angle.

Having said all of this, why do you need to have a 90 degree bend in the
rails? How 'bout flattening the current rails, lengthening them, and then
adding some holes for wood screws. You could make them in buttable lengths
of 5U, 7U, and 10U or some set that allows folks to customize the lengths
they need. This makes the bracing of rails a cabinet making problem and
probably makes for lower cost rails (no bend needed). The wood rails should
be strong enough. It worked for Dr. Bob and those cabinets are pretty

I was planning a 27U wide cabinet, 48.25" x 9.5" x 9.5" out of .75" wood
with the cheeks routed out to make them .5" at the front going back about
4.5". This would match a Moog "upper" cabinet (I may be slightly off on the
height and depth in my measurements above). If I couldn't make something
work with the chopped up MOTM rails, I was resigned to using wood screws but
I wasn't too happy about it.