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Subject: Rails & Cabinets

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-02-01

Regarding all of this [confusing without pictures] talk about rails and
cabinets, what timeframe are we talking about for these things actually
becoming available?

I ask because I'm close to turning my attention to building my cabinets now
that I have modules built & scattered loose all over my studio. I was
figuring I'd have to develop a custom solution, but if we are close to
having "official" MOTM rails available, it would alter my plans.

What I ∗was∗ going to do was get a bunch of 10u 19" rack rails and use
regular rack screws rather than the ones that ship with the modules. But if
there are better rails coming down the pike, I'd rather use the supplied
screws (smaller heads, for one thing).

I know that you don't want to get into stocking too many different sizes of
rail-completely understandable. It seems that a lot of folks on this list
want to build big honking Moog 55 style cabinets. Unfortunately for me, I
need something that is smaller & more flexible ('modular,' if you will) and
can be reconfigured, transported... I was designing something more along the
lines of Moog IIIp cabinets. If the rails were too long, they wouldn't be
much use to me (I don't relish hack-sawing through thick steel).

If the long rails need to be cut in half for transport, then my vote would
be for 24u, because that means it's really a 12u pair of rails, and 12u is
something I can work with. It's bigger than the 10u I was planning, but
close enough that I could readjust my plans if I had to.

So anyway, the big question for me is 'when.'