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Subject: Re: VC EGs

From: "Eric S. Crawley" <esc@...>
Date: 2000-01-31

I like the VC DADSR idea. I'd use a few. If you want more stages, just
use multiple DADSRs with more "D" on the second one or use a VC switch to
control the later stages.

BTW, I just got the Wendy Carlos "Switched on Boxed Set" last week and
∗wow∗! I had heard most of the earlier stuff but the remastering really
makes these 30 year old recordings sparkle. There is also some great
"experiments" on the first two CDs that give you a bit of insight into the
process they used to make these recordings. There is also quite a bit of
information in the books and on the fourth CD on the Moog modular, Wendy's
method for "storing" patches and other neat stuff. If you are ever at a
loss for timbral ideas using a modular synth, just listening to a few
seconds of these classics will either depress you because they are so good,
or give you a wealth of new ideas to try. Highly recommended!