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Subject: Re: VC EGs

From: DAVEVOSH@...
Date: 2000-01-31

In a message dated 00-01-30 15:20:32 EST, you write:

Who's up for VC, bigger than ADSR (or the on-the-horizon DADSR) EGs? Speak

David Bivins

PS--does anyone else here struggle almost daily with the urge to sell almost
all non-modular gear to fund more modular gear? Tough life ;)

i`d certainly like to see something along the lines of a more complex
multi-segment contour generator than the normal (d)adsr. if you are into
some serious d.i.y., i recall that electronotes had published n article on an
"articulating contour generator" that let you add more complex transients. of
course, you can always use the approach of using a sequencer and adjustable
slew limiter as a kludge for doing more complex envelopes, too. still, even
i`m forced to admit that for about 80 % of the fooling around i do, adsr`s or
summed, delayed adsr`s cover things. this is an area thats waiting for a good
idea and implementation to bring it all together and make us move on from our
normal adsr`s. one other point, sometimes, complex isn`t better and i`ve
found lots of cases where a simple attack only or decay only slope has been
useful. s∗∗∗∗ has in the past or currently explored this and d∗∗∗∗∗∗ has a
decay only unit available at a very reasonable price.
p.s. - i know the "sell" feeling but at this point beyond my base modular, i
have only a casio cz101 and a miracle keyboard and i seriously doubt that
either has any intrinsic value. i do find them both useful, however, in the
roles they serve for me.