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Subject: RE: Shemp-A-Go-Go!!!

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...>
Date: 2000-01-28

Yes, the 3204 is an excellent mixer, good for people who have lots of
synths. My roommate used to use one for his (all synth) band. The
best part is how compact they are for what you get (4 or 5 rack spaces,
I forget). The only thing that might put you off, if you're not an all
electronic type, is only having 2 mic preamps. But the only thing I
ever use a mic preamp for, is to adjust the level coming out of the
MOTM system! :)

I use a 1202, but if you have more than three or four synths and you
don't want to be patching and unpatching all the time, the 3204 is
probably much the better choice.

Chris Jeris

> From: "Tentochi" <tentochi@...>
> I love the 3204! The 1604 is the one that gets all of the hype because of
> the sliders though. If you look at all of the racks of the pros, you are
> more likely to find 3204s more than any other mixer. There is a reason for
> this. 40 or so inputs. Stereo or mono operation on 16 channels
> (balance/pan pot as appropriate). 3 bands (non-sweepable) of EQ. Easily
> rackmountable. 2 mono-in stereo out send/returns. 2 stereo-in stereo-out
> send/returns. One stereo main insert effect (send/return). Two stereo
> busses to route your signals through--my studio mate uses this feature for
> two different sets of monitors. 2 mono mic preamps. Very high quality
> signal path (for the price). Minimal coloration of sound (for the price).
> The ability to add slave units. Great for electronic musicians with lots o'
> gear! I am thinking about getting a second, even though I don't need it at
> the moment.