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Subject: Re: Joystick/Controller panel requested

From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-01-28

hello all,

my joystick controllers will be mounted on a very sexy 70s console case
(about the size of an sh101) that i picked up last year - i'de really love
to get a pair of those 3 axis potentiometers - but they're �100 each over
here, i'm also planning some kind of keyboard style controller (i've a nasty
old tivoli organ that's had it's one interesting trait sampled to death),
and a panel for managing the plethora of mercury tilt switches i plan to
employ the future - but i fear this is all a long way off - that damned
inertia, and that force of one newton continuously weighing me down.
still, thinking about it, i might knock together a 1u panel, install a
couple of 4 way rotary switches that i have lying around and use it for
patch routing..?

paul b