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Subject: Re: Multiple Personalities

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-01-28

> From: "Brousseau, Paul E (Paul)" <PaulBr@...>
> As much as I rather like LEDs, I'll have to poo-poo this
> idea too. Sorry! My concerns are...

No need to be sorry Paul. I threw it out there for criticism and not a
serious suggestion for Paul to "build one like this" but as fodder for
discussion. Hell, you just can't talk about anything without throwing an
LED into the discussion mix <grin>

> 1) Keeping straight whether a lit-up LED meant normallized
> or not would leave me scratching me poor head. OTOH, I
> would likely remember it well enough before long.

ON = connection ON, OFF = connection OFF

Let's not even TALK about two colors.... HA HA

> 2) I don't quite understand the reason for it if you can tell
> whether a 4x4 is normallized by lack of jack in the upper-left.
> Perhaps you can explain further and I'll see the LED, er, light! :)

You are absolutely correct. It is simply another "option" for people to
think about. The big issue of course is that this panel does not need
power, so why. BUT, if you were DIYing something and had a power
distribution panel on the back....... let your imagination run. And,
hummm, there is a quick indication that the distribution panel is hot
and..... Well, the mind wanders.

> In the meanwhile, I would have to say that either 3 or 4 multiples with a
> switch between seems like the best idea to me. The number of multiples
> would depend on having enough space to easily flip the switch.

Maybe I should shut up since I am building the magic bus. However, I will
may have a 1U mult in each row too. Anyhow, it is fun to talk about and
toss around ideas. And I get a woody talking about LEDs. HA HA HA

Larry (the lowest of the stooges) Hendry