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Subject: Re: Multiple Personalities

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-01-28

I can see that BUT, you would need to use the stereo 1/4 switchcraft jack
to do it right. Ken made a good point about squeezing ones fingers
in-between 1/4 plugs to get the switch. OTOH, I might suggest that the
switch could be placed where you want it before inserting jacks.

BTW, this has been a VERY interesting thread and I am glad to see so MANY
people participating. No one person can think of such a variety of ideas
as we all get stuck inside our own thinking boxes. This is GREAT. I am
enjoying it. Now, I am going to run ONE more silly idea at you guys who
would like some visual evidence concerning "normal" connections of one
multiple to another. What if you used the original idea of 4 X 4. Remove
the 3 switches, and insert 3 LEDs. A line could be drawn directly up and
down through the LED connecting the BOX above and below. With no jacks
inserted, all LEDs would be lit. When you hit the magic circuit breaking
jack, out goes the LED. Seems easy to do if the magic jack is stereo, and
the switching on the ring position is grounded on one side and used to
provide the ground connection to the LED.

Larry (the stooge that likes LEDs) Hendry

> From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...>
> That's an interesting idea. I know what you're talking about-I've
> experienced that on devices that use normally-closed STEREO jacks. I
> know if some may find that extra confusing or not, but it does prevent
> loss-of-use of the 'key' jack when cascading multiple blocks.

>From:Christopher Jeris [mailto:cjeris@...]
>Could the normalled one be built so that, if you stick a
>plug into the
>"input" jack of a cluster but only one click, it's still
> normalled to the
>cluster above it? This would let you use all 7 outputs
> instead of six,
>and then when you push the plug in all the way it breaks the
> normalling
>connection and the clusters detach. I have a Mackie mixer
> whose effects
>sends and mic preamps work this way.