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Subject: Re: Multiple Personalities

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 2000-01-27

In a message dated 1/26/2000 4:58:25 PM, jlarryh@... writes:

>The possibilities are endless. John Barlow and I
>have discussed at LEAST 1/2 million combinations using toggles, rotary
>switches, and even push button hex coded dial thingies. Just let your

But don't let Larry's mind wander anymore, unless you want ten five page
e-mails from Larry per day!

But the idea is actually quite good, especially when used in conjunction with
a few 1U or 2U (MOTM) multiple panels scattered around a large system. I
remember being completely opposed to the initial idea, until I started seeing
it as more of a buss than a multiple. It completely turned me around.

I also agree with the idea of having some small 1U multiples scattered
around, but would like to point out that large EMu modulars tended to have
one or two multiple modules with (maybe) 8 rows of four -- but again, Larry's
Magic Bus idea is the ultimate concept in multiples being designed to reduce
big cable tangles between you and your instrument.

Finally, I usually agree with statements about patching flexibility, but I
think some normalization (user designed) can be quite reasonable. I've found
that I often use the normalized connections on my ARP because they make
sense, not because I'm lazy. Although I keep my ARP because I'm lazy instead
of selling it.

OT: I heard (historian) Jon Wiener interviewed yesterday on NPR's Fresh Aire.
He has a new book about the declassified FBI file on John Lennon. Lennon
believed his phone to be tapped in the early 70's, so if he had to make a
secure call he'd go next door ...... to John Cage's place to use the phone.
Boy, think of the neighborhood watch meetings!