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Subject: RE: I have returned

From: "Brousseau, Paul E (Paul)" <PaulBr@...>
Date: 2000-01-27

Ice storm? In Texas? Must be one BIG friggin' ice storm. ;)

--PBr, doing his part to clog the list with witless banter.

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> From:Paul Schreiber [SMTP:synth1@...]
> Sent:Wednesday, January 26, 2000 5:56 PM
> To:MOTM listserv
> Subject:[motm] I have returned
> Back in Texas, after waiting for snow to clear in Charlotte, NC.
> But....there is an ICE STORM headed this way! I may be stuck here in the
> house, no way to get to post office. So chances are no shipments until
> Monday.
> I am churning through over 400 emails. I'll try to address concerns as I
> undig.