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Subject: just about everything...

From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-01-27

hello all
it seems the snow has kept you all busy - it's rather mild here in the uk at
the moment, though in the event of it tipping down with snow - i do live
annoyingly close to work, so i can just walk in...

anyway i have several halfpennys worth of comments to chuck in so here we

Ken's comment of wanting more 1u modules - i agree totally having opted for
the second hand neve metalwork system of 3 rows of 11u - it's about time i
made another multiple i fear...

which brings me onto multiples - i just drilled a bit of 1u panel and
installed 4 x 4 way multiples in a rough MOTM pattern - the holes aren't
straight, but then again neither is the transfer lettering, and i couldn't
be bothered to spray the panel black either - it adds character.

with regard to normalling i would venture to suggest that normalisation
leads to patch laziness - or it would for me anyway (prepares stooge salute
for any forthcoming double eye pokes) i prefer the wandering patch cable / i
wonder what happens if approach - which i suppose is why i got into modular
stuff in the first place

power distro - i keep all power disto on panels at the back of my cabinet
(well actually it's just a chassis at the moment)

Line Six Delay Modeller - i'm talking with line six at the moment about
being able to plumb a control voltage into the expression pedal port - the
lexicon vortex regulates a cv input down to it's 0-5v operating range, the
line six might not - i'll post any info i get, but it looks like a small
interface might be needed (small price to pay for the possibilities of
voltage controlled delay modeller)

that's all
paul b