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Subject: Re: speculative modules

From: DAVEVOSH@...
Date: 2000-01-26

In a message dated 00-01-23 20:25:25 EST, you write:

<< Sheppard function
generator, quadrature oscillators, wavetable oscillators, through-zero FM
oscillators, >>

should paul ever get around to offering them, from past experience of having
them in the late, lamented s∗∗∗∗ i had, a through zero vco is really cool. i
was getting to the point where between that and regular fm, i wasn`t even
using the "normal" vco waveforms. i also had a p∗∗∗ kit that i had built for
a shepard function generator and it was a lot of fun. not just for the "name"
effect but also worked as a quadrature oscillator and made a great modulation
source in general - use out 1 to drive a vco and 8 to drive a vcf ( really
simple example ) and get an eccentric sort of modulation. i liked the effect.