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Subject: RE: PaulBr's multiples

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
Date: 2000-01-25

Could the bracket legs be narrowed to fit between the jacks and maintain the
correct front panel spacing?

If that doesn't work, how about cutting off one or both of the legs,
fabricating your own that fit between the jacks and then riveting them to
the bracket plate?

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.

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> > Although I'm thinking the 800-form would be best...
> > maybe we can stick a power distributer on that?
> > Hmm, likely not easily with too many Switchcrafts.
> OK, I just finished the math and fitting exercise. Here is the scoop:
> If you stay 100% with Paul's jack spacing (which the astute will notice is
> a different spacing high than wide, you could do a 1U multiple with 16
> jacks that would look super. Only about 1/32 of an inch compromise was
> made in top-to-bottom spacing. However, using that exact spacing, the
> bracket that Paul uses to mount circuit boards will NOT fit the gaps. The
> good news however, is that the power distribution board that Paul
> does sell
> will fit nicely (some drilling required) on the bracket and it will have
> plenty of clearance toward the front for all the 1/4 inch multiples.
> So, I see three solutions Paul Br:
> 1. 4 X 4 multiple normal spacing, no power distribution
> 2. 4 X 4 multiple, slightly larger gap between multi 1 and 2 then again
> between 3 and 4 and the bracket bolts right on and you have power
> distribution. But, not exactly standard MOTM spacing.
> 3. 2 X 4 and 1 X 6 normal multiple spacing and the power bracket
> fits right
> in there. So you have power distribution, normal spacing, one less
> multiple, but one of this is a 6-way. You have a four way at each end and
> the 6 way in the middle.
> Two holes would be required in the panel front for bolts to hold the
> bracket. They would not be in the way of the multiples. I have
> found that
> if you use the small (# 6? I'll have to check my size) black allen-head
> bolts, they do not detract from the panel appearance.
> What would be YOUR choice PaulBr ??
> Larry H.
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