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Subject: Re: 940 question (again!)

From: Roy Tate <roytate@...>
Date: 2000-01-25

In a message dated 1/23/2000 2:54:41 PM, Stooge Barlow writes:
>I also wanted to ask if the 940 also had additional power connectors (you
>know, the MTA .156 connectors like on the MOTM 900 PSU)? I have a vague
>memory of this, but I didn't see it on the description of the 940.

I have a MOTM-940. I didn't know I was part of such a select group! The
940 is strictly a panel and some jacks, no power connector bus in sight. I
remember some rumors about a module with a power connector bus thrown in
for those of us approaching 24 modules (er um 12 modules for the rest of
you ...).

I must say, I share the general desire for more multiples. A person really
needs two 4-jack multiples per voice as a bare minimum, and more if you
patch triggers up to your envelope generators (EGs).

While I'm using up band-width, I mod'ed my MOTM-800 EGs, and I like it! I
purchased a MOTM-800b (with gate-only ADSR envelope), and applied the
changes to my 3 original EGs. If anyone wants to do this, and hasn't
figured it out, I can supply all of the gory details. The short version -
one 1K resistor, one diode, one 4" piece of wire.


Roy Tate

Roy Tate