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Subject: PaulBr's multiples

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 2000-01-25

In a message dated 1/24/2000 7:47:37 PM, PaulBr@... writes:

>John, I'll likely take you
>up on your offer, since I'd rather not have Larry Stooge wrench his hand

Not much chance of that given Larry's penchant for building his muscles while
assembling MOTM modules (look it up in the archives <g>).

Although I'm thinking the 800-form would be best... maybe we can
>a power distributer on that? Hmm, likely not easily with too many
>Switchcrafts. Oh dear, this signoff comment has gotten significantly longer
>than the message...

Only just now did I realize that my comment yesterday did not make literal
sense, since I'd mentioned the 940 as a 1U (not a 2U) module -- but I still
think that both the 800 and 940 provide the two best standard punch patterns
for the general MOTM diyer for the reasons I mentioned. That said, are you
sure you wouldn't want a 2U multiple panel (which I believe would hold a
power block) "similar" in hole pattern to the 940, but with an extra flare
due to the occasional "oops! No, I meant to do that, to give it that
personalized look"?

Send me details, Paul knows my address all too well.
John (I agree about lengthy comments in the signoff message which can
distract the reader from the basic content of the message, which is why I try
never to have such ponderous additions to an otherwise concise message) Barlow