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Subject: Re: 940 question (again!)

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-01-25

> From: "Brousseau, Paul E (Paul)" <PaulBr@...>

> Personally, I don't own or plan to own a '940...
> mostly 'cause of those other funny-lookin' jacks.
> I figure they can't be worth much if I can't
> stick a 1/4" in there... ;)

I agree Paul. If there ain't a 1/4 phone jack, then I guess you just
cannot connect it to anything. BTW, I did end up purchasing some of those
Neutrik 1/4 phones from e-bay. Got the first hundred for $165 including
the shipping to the house. Got the second hundred for $145 shipped to the
house. Now I guess I gotta buy some cable. Hopefully, this is a lifetime

> --PBr, lazily pondering multiples and (Do)MOASs. John,
> I'll likely take you up on your offer, since I'd rather not have
> Larry Stooge wrench his hand off! Although I'm thinking the
> 800-form would be best... maybe we can stick a power
> distributer on that? Hmm, likely not easily with too many
> Switchcrafts.

Well, I don't mind. I am getting ready to drill one up for myself. I'm
gonna need a couple to hold me over until the wood cabinet comes home. I
have decided to wait on that until later this year. My rack will hold 70
MOTM spaces and have 4 spaces left for 1U rack stuff. And, It is not full
YET. Only half. :) No room for power distribution on that 1 U multiple
one I am afraid unless..... You get one of Paul's full size panel brackets
and mount it to the back of the 1U That might work. Looks like the
bracket ears will fit right between the multiple jacks. IN FACT, I am
going to try this RIGHT AWAY. I have all the parts. I'll report back.

Stooge Larry

> From:JWBarlow@...
> After getting NO responses from my question yesterday,
> I thought it must be due to the fact that either no one has
> a 940, or no one understood my question:

Notice I still could not help poor Stooge Curly.