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Subject: Re: Multiples

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 2000-01-23

Well, I was going to make this same offer since I do have a drill press -- I
think Larry may be drilling his free hand (you've gotta admire that)! It had
occurred to me that two popular hole layouts for the 1U (MOTM) "blank" panel
would be the same as the MOTM 940 Patch Panel (for multiples and adapters)
and the MOTM 800 EG (for most other modules). It might be nice if some time
in the future Paul would offer these (unlegended) prepunched panels as
alternatives to blanks. Like many others, when I order a 940, I will not be
using the grounded bananas, but will probably make that column two sets of

I also wanted to ask if the 940 also had additional power connectors (you
know, the MTA .156 connectors like on the MOTM 900 PSU)? I have a vauge
memory of this, but I didn't see it on the description of the 940. I'm almost
out of power connectors and will need to remedy this soon -- maybe the block
could be installed on the back of a 940 anyway, eh?

John B.

In a message dated 1/23/2000 2:05:27 PM, jlarryh@... writes:

>If Paul does not come out with one soon, I would be happy to drill you
>up. I just finished drilling the multiples for my ultimate wood case
>system which each have 42 holes (24 MOTM units wide and 1/2 unit tall).
>The trick of course is getting them exactly straight. Order yourself a
>one-unit blank panel and ask Paul to ship it to me. I assume you will
>care of jacks and wiring at your end.