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Subject: Re: Y2K Woes! Please help immediately!

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-12-31

In a message dated 12/30/99 3:54:00 PM, velure@... writes:

>its a good thing i am still living in the eighties. i have to work, i
>to struggle this way.

This was my initial suggestion to Y2K about 5 years ago, simply call it 1980
-- Hey! I'd be 22, what could be better! I guess we'd have to put up with
Flock of Seagulls et al. again though.

In a message dated 12/30/99 3:39:24 PM, tentochi@... writes:

>I have already contacted my lawyer about this matter and he seems to think
>have a very strong case. We have already drawn up some preliminary
>documents and will fill in the details after the problems start occurring.
>My lawyer encouraged me to let all of the other owners know what is going
>so that they can also make the proper legal preparations. I will be sending
>the details of the lawsuit to Mr. Schreiber on Monday afternoon via .
>I think there are many good lessons in this for us to learn. Unfortunately
>we are all going to have to learn them the hard way!

I completely understand your concern Shemp. You may want to contact my
lawyer, Mr. Bob Zmuda, who is handling my case. In Mr. Schreiber's defense, I
will say that it is my understanding that all MOTM VCOs will reset to zero
shortly after the first power up after midnight tomorrow. But if you are
concerned you might just want to send all your MOTM to me as scrap -- just to
be on the safe side!

BTW, the cable channel AMC (American Movie Classics) is apparently showing a
Three Stooges Marathon New Year's Day (in areas where the apocalypse has been
postponed or moved to another time zone). It would be interesting to chart
how the definition of the word classic has changed over the past few hundred
years -- Ancient Greece, post renaissance music and literature, 60s rock
music, Coca Cola, B/W movies, The Three Stooges -- there must be more that I
can't remember.