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Subject: yet another xmas thought (is there no end..?)

From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...
Date: 1999-12-29

hello all,

well i got the mc202, it turns out i even know a bloke with a manual - so
happy all round (apart from now having to build a load of cables with those
nasty dins on the end)

anyway, next xmas question:
after spending an alarming portion (ie more than zero ;-) of my time down
the back of 19" racks, i came to another interesting conclusion - it would
be dead simple to hotwire my Juno Six to send & recieve gate & CV
anyone any hot tips before i spend �20 on a badly photocopied service
or am i barking up the wrong tree (or just barking - or just a tree - or,
sorry for being off topic (well it is kind of 'on' cos this will be my
master keyboard if it works)

paul b