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Subject: RE: Stupid tool question...

From: Doug Pearson <ceres@...
Date: 1999-12-18

At 08:08 PM 12/17/99 -0500, "Tentochi" <tentochi@...> wrote:
>Tool quality priority:
>1. Undisturbed, uncluttered, smooth, flat work area
> (I don't have this one yet.)
>3. Excellent lighting (I don't have this one either yet.)
Ah yes, the kinds of things you forget are useful until you try to do
without them. Actually, I can sort of do without number one for the
soldering phase since everything fits in the tray the PCB vise is attached
to. I wind up carrying the finished circuit boards out to the dining room
table for panel/bracket/knobs/jacks assembly.

>2. Soldering iron--go Weller workstation!
I'll second that specific nomination (WTCPT) entirely. Well worth the $$.

>4. PCB vise
There's no way I could have built any MOTM without one! (at least not until
I grow a third arm)

>7. Solder sucker (I still haven't got the hang of wicking.)
Thoroughly indispensible when you put in those IC's backwards (oops!)

And, I suppose I should open myself up to abuse for ridiculous
substitutions ...
>10. Heat gun
Bic lighter (the trick, of course, is to not let the flame actually touch
the heatshrink)

>11. Fingernail brush
Used toothbrush - seems to work OK; none of my modules have developed
bizarre shorts or DC offsets from flux residue AFAIK ...

>I don't know if a magnifying glass would help or not since I don't have one
>yet, but I am sure it can't hurt (except for my wallet)!

I haven't felt the need for one yet, but I'd think it wouldn't be too
expensive (especially relative to solder station/vise costs).

>Come to think of it, I had a hell of a time finding a 5/8" nut driver too!

I just buy new sizes at Ace Hardware as I need 'em.