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Subject: Re: Expressionist compatibility & more

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-03-24

Thanks Dave. Good insight and suggestions. Personally, I just made the
Pro-2000 decision, but the Expressionist sure does look like another good
option. I'm sure those contemplating the Expressionist will appreciate
this information. Now, bring on that VC ADSR. Not to bring up the "mixer
debates", but I wonder if the VC ADSR will have hold or delay....

BTW, I saw Tony Clark's ( ______ brand voltage controlled pannable mixer at
the AHMW gathering. I would not want all may small (hopefully cheap)
utility mixers to have ALL those features, BUT, it sure would be nice to
have a full featured mixer like that for output. I must have one, or two
or? Paul, are you listening? Hey, one could use some extra cheap MIDI2CV
channels (like some ____ brand MID2CVs I already have to automate 8
channels of MIX from within ones sequence if he had a voltage controlled

Larry Hendry

> From: Dave Bradley <daveb@...>
> To: MOTM List <>
> Subject: [motm] Encore Expressionist compatibility with MOTM/ MOTM-800
> Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 12:13 PM
> From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
> Howdy folks,
> I just wanted to drop a line about something I found out after the fact.
> you know, I started my MOTM system recently. For my Midi to CV solution,
> ended up choosing the Encore Expressionist. It turns out that there is a
> compatibility issue with the MOTM-800s to be aware of. I'm posting this
> those of you who haven't made a decision yet, so that your decision can
> an informed one.
> Turns out the Expressionist sends only gates, not separate gates and
> triggers as I'm informed the Kentons do. This means I won't be able to
> true ADSR response out of a stock MOTM-800 when hooked to the
> FYI, the Expressionist handles "multi triggering" by forcing the gate off
> momentarily when it gets a new MIDI note on the same output channel.
> I'm not terribly disappointed, since I still think the Expressionist's 8
> full CV/Gate channels and 3 synchable LFOs win against the Kentons
> for feature. Also, Tony sez he's adding a 4th LFO and real time LFO freq.
> control in the next software rev!
> I'm planning (when I get the time) to stick a little daughterboard on my
> 800s with a 555 one shot, to derive a trigger signal from the incoming
> The trigger output will connect to the normalling lug of the trigger
> so that it is defeated if you plug an external trigger signal in. Also,
> pretty sure I'll stick a transistor driver on this board for a gate lamp.
> just can't live without my gate lamps! If I get really ambitious, I may
> a small circuit to support a manual gate pushbutton, with some
> This will give full ADSR capabilities from my Expressionist, but also if
> gate from any external signal like a sequencer stage output, an LFO, etc.
> BTW, Paul tells me that all this stuff is already built in to the new VC
> he's planning.
> I may post the mod when complete if there is interest - just don't expect
> anything for a few weeks.
> So, be aware of this issue if you consider an Expressionist.
> Dave Bradley
> Principal Software Engineer
> Engineering Animation, Inc.
> daveb@...
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