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Subject: Re: C-64 stuff WAS: Wavetable-esque oscillator

From: DAVEVOSH@...
Date: 1999-12-16

In a message dated 99-12-16 00:14:28 EST, you write:

<< staring a a monitor is not making music...unless i can clock my CPU from my
606, i don't want the computer in teh studio :)

you are right, staring at a monitor is not making music. it can be part of
the process however. yes, i have midi sequencing prog`s but they are not my
primary use. for me, it is the algorithmic composition stuff where i can set
a bunch of initial parameters and let the thing run and mutate. very much an
outgrowth of process automation ( to use an old `60's art term ) and "dream
machines" ( to paraphrase from vol.2 of the alan strange book ). sysex, etc.
is pretty much beyond me or at any rate what i use midid for primarily. heck,
before the 64 and amiga`s, i used a paia keyboard with a micro built in ( the
8700 ) and i never ran its seq type prog`s only the "algorithmic" stuff they
supplied ( 2 progs ) and stuff friends and i cobbled together. this drove a 7
panel s∗∗∗∗ modular that i used to own. now, one amiga does the same sort of
thing with my d∗∗∗∗∗∗ modular. i`m an old modular guy from way back. there
are things about computer control / midi that i like but a lot of it doesn`t
do what i`m interested in or at least not easily enough to be worth it to me.
hence, my rudimentary arsenal of midi kybds, a cz-101 and a miracle kybd. a
friend once told me that midi was the great homogenizer. i`m not sure that
he`s right but i do wonder......