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Subject: [private] US Postal system overloaded (order)

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-12-16


>>Therefore, I am sending ALL PENDING ORDERS over $250 FED-EX 2nd day and
will charge shipping accordingly (about $26-40 US, $110 global). Sorry, but I
if you do not wish this, then I will delay shipment until Jan 5th. Please
email if you want this.<<

I have no idea of the status of my order so I don't exactly know how to
answer this. I assumed mine might not ship until Jan anyway, because you
were waiting for some panels. I won't have time before the end of the year
for anymore module building, so I might as well just have them sent after Jan

However, if you have my order boxed and really don't want it sitting around
until that time, I could take it Fed-ex, but I would need to know exactly
what day I would get it, so I can be sure to be home all day.

BTW, I'm not sure how the Post Office knows that they actually lost your
packages. I get monthly paychecks from California, and while they usually
only take 3 days, every once in a while, one may take about two weeks. The
Post Office seems to be able to hold things in a state of limbo for long
periods of time.