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Subject: C-64 stuff WAS: Wavetable-esque oscillator

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-12-16

Hey Dave,
I am not laughing (well I might be if you told me that your C-64 interface
was one of those sequential circuits things with the built in firmware). I
still have a C-64 and MIDI interface that I find quite useful. Actually
these days it is a C-128d so the CPU can be under the desk with a 1581
drive so I don't have to screw with 5 1/4 disks. I have some very useful
software that I use with mine that I simply have no equivalent to on the
windoze platform. MIDITERM is great and I have written some of my own
utilities to go with it (like how about a program that reaches into a sysex
file, snags out the patch names, formats it and sends it to a printer).
That made organizing my DSS-1 stuff a snap. And, ever try to sysex a
MKS-80? The little poop only gives up 4 patches at a time until you
acknowledge (takes 16 of them). MIDITERM for C-64 makes this a breeze. I
have another little program that lines up sysex files (sequences in
particular) and spits them out by simply tapping the space bar. I used
this on stage with a SX-64 and M1 since the poor M1 had no disk drive nor
decent sequencer memory. THE SX would get the next song ready while you
were playing one in the M1 (or whatever). At end of song, just tap, and 1
second of sysex later, the next song is ready.

I no longer have either CZ-101 but still have a CZ-1000. It is on that
list of things that I will never part with because the money it would bring
is not worth the enjoyment I get from it occasionally. My first
introduction to anything serious MIDI was my CZ-101 and C-64.

Larry (still likes Commie stuff too) Hendry

> From: DAVEVOSH@...
> jb,
> far be it from me to laugh......... i still have a c-64 hooked up thru a
> interface to a casio cz-101! ( even though my main midi computers are a
> family of 3 amigas - 2 for midi control and one for sampling ) :^) i`ve

> always found "free" to be a very compelling argument. plus, my equipment

> "arsenal" ( now there`s a "don`t laugh" ) is modest at best. i sometimes
> a twinge of envy for the folks who have a ton of stuff. still, i have fun

> with what i have and i guess thats the main thing..........
> best,
> dave