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Subject: RE: MOAS

From: "Tentochi" <tentochi@...
Date: 1999-12-16

Has anyone checked out the:

Technosaurus Cyclodon--16 Step Analog Sequencer

yet. More info is available at:

They are available in the US at:

I am VERY interested in getting one. The MOAS is at least several months
away. And the Cyclodon lists for around $260 or $295 I believe.


> From: "velure" <velure@...>
> i am hurting for an analogue sequencer. i am like a junkie on the streets
> at 2am looking for a fix. i _need_ an analogue sequencer. i have 3
> machines i want to run from cv. plus i want to use cv's to control vcf's
> and my motm rack. when oh when can we expect the MOAS?
> -steve