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Subject: Re: Driving the '320 into audio range

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-12-15

If you want to get your 320 to track accurately at 1/oct per volt, I have
discovered how to make that work perfectly. I will call this "sub
oscillator, with shape."

As Paul pointed out, the 320 is "pretty close" to tracking 1 v/oct. To get
it in sync as a sub osc, it is simple. Go ahead and hook your keyboard CV
into the 1/v oct of the 320. Take your 300 (one of the unused outputs)
over to your 120 sub osc. Take the sub osc output (original signal turned
down) over to the sync input of the 320. Set the 320 oscillator to track
just a little low on the frequency (before inserting the sync).

The 320 will track perfectly with your 300 in sub osc mode. The rate knobs
and shape knobs will allow your 320 to make even more different shapes due
to the 120 sub oscillator forcing the 320 to reset at each cycle. I have
an AWESOME patch set up right now doing this with the 120 sub 3 and 4
turned up and LFO rate set at about 7. If you want the shape of the LFO
wave to vary with keyboard tracking, omit the 1 v/oct connection to the
320. With just a little practice, you can set the 320 rate so it will
track the 300 / 120 combo even without 1 v/oct connection. Of course, the
higher the frequency, the less of the whole cycle you get from the 320,
which is an interesting effect.

Hell, even a stooge like me figured that one out.
Larry Hendry

> From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
> Since this has come up twice today, I thought
> I'd mention it.
> Without a CV inserted, the panel RATE control
> maxes out around 40 Hz.
> However, with RATE at 10, you can drive ∗both∗
> 1V/Oct and FM with +5V each and then
> the '320 happily is at about 5Khz.
> No promises on the ∗accuracy∗ of 1V/Oct. Let's just say its ∗pretty