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Subject: Re: Wavetable-esque oscillator

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-12-15

There are no filters: the decaying harmonics completely characterize the

I would use an LCD screen to draw each envelope.

Paul S.

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Subject: Re: [motm] Wavetable-esque oscillator

> From: hodad1@...
> >Now, what ∗is∗ interesting is having 16 VCAs and 16 EGs, 1 per harmonic!
> >Then,
> >you synthesize a ton of stuff....a la Synclavier!!
> >
> ----Now this kind of stuff is very interesting to me, but it seems like
> you'd need a minimum of 50-some knobs (if you use AR envelopes). Then
> $15 DSP gets pretty damn pricey (not to mention huge). I think there's a
> lot more to this than I'm capable of figuring out--e.g. what do you do
> filters? Would vcf's not even enter into the picture?
> Just wondering
> tomr
> >