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Subject: Re: threaded spacers (and colored panels!)

From: Cary Roberts <Cary.Roberts@...
Date: 1999-12-14

>>just a suggestion, it not like i asked him to make the panels red or
>>blue filters, white oscs, green eg's, and purple horseshoes.
>No! I'm the one who asked for those!

I'm all for brightly colored panels. I still want to have some Focusrite
like panels made for a modular. Can you imagine how sexy a modular
would be with 3D anodized aluminum panels in a variety of colors.
Man, it makes me tingle just thinking about it. Maybe when I get some
extra money to burn I'll spend the $100+ on each MOTM module and get
those fabbed.


PS: It pays to have a friend with EDM and CNC machines that does aerospace