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Subject: Why not breadboard a small MOTM sequencer?

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-02-06

>From: Steve <eboyz@...>
>I think the MOAS idea is wonderful. However, a small 'utility' sequencer
>also be very useful, and this could be realized much sooner than the MOAS.
>Something like 8 steps with a couple of gate buses, externally clocked,
>to be daisy chained so 2 could give 16 steps, or 2 rows of 8 steps. This is
>simple design, but it would be nice if it was in the same style as the rest
>the MOTM system. Kind of a 1/2 arp sequencer in a 3U panel thing, 2 columns
>4 knobs each and then a column of switches 2 wide. What do you guys think?

Hi Steve,

My suggestion is that you get one of the MOTM breadboards and build a 8 X 2
row sequencer. I've had one of these boards for awhile now, but I can't think
of anything complex enough to justify using it (they are very good, and can
hold a number of components). A sequencer would be perfect for this board.

I would build it on a 3U MOTM panel using smaller knobs on a smaller hole
pattern than the standard MOTM one. It would have 16 pots in a 4 X 4 pattern,
with room for 18 jacks (three rows of 6) below. You could have: clock in, 2
sequencer outputs, 8 pulse outs (1 for each stage), reset, hold, up/down, with
4 leftover for good luck!

I would suggest not using a 4017 decade counter, but rather using a CD 4516 as
the "driver" connected to a 4051 for stage select. With the 4516 you'll be
able to have up/down which the 4017 won't do. I have a schematic of this
around here, and would be surprised if one wasn't on the web.

John B.