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Subject: Re: MOTM Festival 2000! Will you be there???

From: Gert Jalass <gjalass@...>
Date: 1999-12-12

On Sun, 12 Dec 1999 10:22:23 -0000, you wrote:

>From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...>
>hello all,
>since even getting to London is three hours on a train for me, and i've not
>been to NYC in ten years, anyone planning a get together in the UK..? (i'm
>in sheffield)
>toodle pip


same for me ;-)

Travelling to Great Britain (from Berlin) isn't that a big problem in
terms of time and money ( having Branson - Virgin - starting its
service next year ) and a "gathering" should be quite a fun.