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Subject: Re: MOTM Festival 2000! Will you be there???

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...
Date: 1999-12-11

On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Tentochi wrote:

> Where are the rest of you located? Is anyone else interested in doing this?

I'm in Fairmont, WV--about 3.5 hours from Columbus. By coincidence, I'm
also 3.5 hours from Baltimore,MD/Northern Virginia, Buffalo NY, Cleveland
OH and Ashland, KY. However, flying is an option for places like Dallas
or Chicago (my wife's folks are in Chicago--I go there rather a lot as it

> Well, if enough people are interested (at least 5?), I thing this will start
> to develop naturally. I think this would be a great experience to meet
> other followers of the cult of the MOTM.

I'm all for it.