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Subject: Re: Hello!

From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...
Date: 1999-12-11

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From: Brousseau, Paul E (Paul) <PaulBr@...>
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Date: 10 December 1999 18:53
Subject: [motm] Hello!
>I have to say, I'm really excited about being involved in the design of
>further MOTM kits. What's on the drawing board?

hokey -
one box of rotring chassis parts (the other bits have been in soak for the
past six months)
one medium farnell box of pink bubblewrap bags (now where did they appear
one set of "italian" fridge magnets (don't ask...)
one roll of giftwrap
two sets of ye olde style pliers
one found screwdriver
one psion series 3 holder
one photo of me and my mate in "the old marconi" (the second best pub in the
one manual for a kodak sav2000 projector
one technical drawing of a "kitty throne" unfinished (also don't ask...)
lots of dust
a lobster bath mit
sorry to have to share this, but it's probably the first time in two years
that i've found a use for my drawing board, even if it is just anecdotal...