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Subject: Re: schedule..?

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-12-07

I suppose it's inevitiable: 2 days after a new module ships, the chant of
"More...More...More..." is heard. :)
> #440 LPF - $179 kit - ready after xmas..?

Correct. Shipping around Jan 12th. The front panels are almost done. The pcb
layout starts next week.
But, the pcb shop is closed from the 20th to Jan 4th.

> #??? VCLag - $125 kit - ready after xmas

No number assigned, but ∗probably∗ MOTM-830. Kit price after
Barlow/Hendry/Bradley got hold of it
more like $139.

> #??? VC Phaser ?

April. About $289 kit: it has a boatload of parts!

> #??? Triple Pre-Amp ?
> #??? Mixer ?

Preamp/mixer/env follower follow after the '440 & VC lag. Feb-March.

> #??? Sequencer ?


> #??? Micro VCO ?

April/May. Since this is a simpler module, may come before the phaser.

Paul S.