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Subject: RE: 410 question(s)

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-12-02

> Okay, I was thinking last night:
> According to Paul S., the freq controls on the 410's filters pass
> out of the
> audio range aroud the "5" hashmark. This brings 2 questions to mind:
> 1. Are there good uses for having 1 or more filters in the "only dogs can
> hear" range? I've toyed with it a bit & have thus far found little of any
> great use there.


> 2. What of the idea of changing the value of one or more pots
> so that they
> leave audio around the "10" hashmark? Seems it would allow for a
> touchmore
> subtlety.

You need that extra swing to bring the filter back into range when doing
heavy modulation from VCOs and other sources, like 2 oscillating filters in
a feedback loop.

> I've asked before &undoubtedly will ask again: am I high?


Cranky Bored Moe at work