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Subject: Re: LED's breaking the bank / Gimme an LED

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-12-02

daveb@... writes:

>>However, Paul's concerns are legitimate. I'm building 2 step sequencers now
(which I am naming Larry and Moe; Paul's DOMOAS sequencer when it comes out
will be named Curly, nyuk nyuk). These will have 11 LEDs each, and I'm
placing them on separate regulators<<

When I was in college I designed and built a 16 bit CPU (130 chips wire
wrapped so densely it looked like a birds nest) that was packed with LEDs.
I was going for the look of the minicomputers of the time, with rows of data,
address and status LEDs. My memory of electronics is kind of rusty now, but
I think I strobed them with a 555 timer which reduces the current your device
will draw. And by varying the pulse width using a pot, it also acts as a
dimmer control.