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Subject: Re: Solder Tips

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-12-02

jlarryh@... writes:

>>So, if you want a nice sharp tip that lasts a long time, try one of the GC
brands. I think I paid $29 for mine. These tips are replaceable, but I have
never felt compelled to.<<

When I lived in L.A. there were plenty of electronics stores around. Then I
moved to the triangle area in North Carolina. I have heard it called the
"Second Silicon Valley" because of all the hightech companies here. So you
would think there would be some electronics stores besides Radio Shack. Hell
No! It's ridiculous. So I will have to stick with what I can buy through
mail order.

>>Have you checked your voltage coming out of the wall? It could be high,
aggravating your problem.<<

It measures at 121.4 volts. But there is nothing I can do about that since I
sold my variac (if I am remembering the name properly) years ago. I'll
probably just buy a Weller and hope it lasts. Some people seem to be doing
OK with Weller tips. Maybe I should go with the 25 watt version so the tips
don't get so hot.