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Subject: RE: Phaser size

From: "Tentochi" <tentochi@...
Date: 1999-12-01

I second that Stoogely remark! Bigger is Better! Paul is from Texas ain't
he after all!

If I want a whimpy synth I can call the old MFer Bob Moog!

More features!!!! I want the best and am willing to pay for it!


> But, I do not agree with the general concept that feature
> reduction because
> of incremental cost increases should be an icon of MOTM design. If MOTM
> really means Mother of the Modulars, or Modular of the Millennium, then it
> should be just that. A few extra bucks here and there, even for seldom
> used features, will be worth it when you stand there 5 years from now with
> a patch cord in your hands going "why can't I ?" After all, we
> are already
> getting a superior price to performance ratio compared to competing
> products.
> So, like my brother is Stoogedom once said, "Paul, Give me the studley
> version."