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Subject: Re: Phaser size

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-11-30

synth1@... writes:

>>I think I'll make it a MOTM thing and not a 19" rack thing to start with.<<


>>Every start chiming in with features/knobs/jacks.
It will be 12-stages mono or 2x6 stages stereo.
Any other stuff?<<

The one thing missing from almost all phasers that I would like to see on the
MOTM is negative feedback/resonance. It seems like such a simple thing, I
don't know why it is overlooked all the time. Could be a switch or dual
negative and positive operating knob. With negative feedback you can get
really unique hollow sounding phaser sounds.

>>VC'd LFO<<

Onboard LFO is a nice touch for a modular phaser. I would be nice to bring
the output of the LFO to the panel, so other things can be synced to it.
That would also give people another LFO even when not using the phaser.