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Subject: Re: Sequencer

From: Gur Milstein <gur-m@...
Date: 1999-02-07

At 12:21 AM 2/6/99 -1000, you wrote:
>From: Steve <eboyz@...>
>I think the MOAS idea is wonderful. However, a small 'utility' sequencer
>also be very useful, and this could be realized much sooner than the MOAS.
>Something like 8 steps with a couple of gate buses, externally clocked,
>to be daisy chained so 2 could give 16 steps, or 2 rows of 8 steps. This
is a
>simple design, but it would be nice if it was in the same style as the
rest of
>the MOTM system. Kind of a 1/2 arp sequencer in a 3U panel thing, 2
columns of
>4 knobs each and then a column of switches 2 wide. What do you guys think?
hi guys.
ferst i would like to thank you Steve for making this list avilable,i
this list is a great thing for us MOTM'S.

i think that sequencer designing is a hard job as each of us wants the
right tool
to fit for his need and way of composition.

i'm allso think that the regular 8 step analog seqencer is needed and
is a great tool to play music ,but i also think that the way this regular
are built is not smart enogh by 2 reason's-
1)all those pots and switch's for making only a 8 step reapting patern,this
is a waist of mony=hardwere.
a smart desighn can make a big change in the way of composing music by
analog sequencer and be much more economic.

2)we are coming to the year 2000 and i think that its time to creat a new way
for compositn music on analog modular systems.

ok but if we want to make this smart tool then the only way is going
digital and
thats a problem for us analog guys,many proudct on the market today
are making kind of "analog" digtal based sequencer maq16/3 mc-303....
but they all have the same problem of being non analog electronics.
all this problem are probley can be solved when a guy like Paul with an analog
feel is desighning it.

the trick is to combine digtal and analog together in wich the analog feel
and modulraty well be and the smartnes and progress of digital weel be too.

Gur Milstein