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Subject: Open Cabinet/Rack Question

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-11-29

(Apologies in advance if this duplicates; I sent it 8 hours ago and it never
appeared to have gone through.)

Let's say a guy who was vehemently planning to build his own custom cabinets
for his MOTM gear to make his ∗dream∗ synthesizer exactly the way he wanted
it woke up tired after a whole day of eating turkey.
Feeling lazy, he suddenly entertained the notion of quicker gratification
and a little compromise rather than all the work neccessary to design and
build his own cabinets from scratch. He's at the crossroads now; he really
needs to make a decision that will shape the future of his synthesizer soon,
as he already has 12u of MOTM modules in the works and growing that are just
sitting on his dining room table waiting for a home.
He really yearns for that custom design, but he dreams of eventually owning
a ∗lot∗ of these modules and therefore imagines spending a ∗lot∗ of time in
the basement building cabinets over the coming years that would be better
spent soldering or composing if he went with off-the-shelf racks.
Here are some of the questions that he might ask others who own the same
equipment and have gone down a similar road.
First, are there any mass-produced 19" racks that aren't 2-feet deep that
would be appropriate? 10" depth max is really preferred. 8" would be better.
SKB supposedly makes "mixer racks" but they might be a little too shallow
for MOTM gear, no? Would one have to buy a 2' deep Raxxess rack or something
and take the circular saw to it? Seems just as bad as making a cabinet from
Second, the MOTM home page shows "dress ears" for lack of a better term
covering the rack rails and the mounting screws for the horizontal rails.
This is a decent look, but I don't think these are really available, are
they? I seem to remember someone else some months back commenting that he
had a good solution. Seems like some plates of this sort might be a nice,
low-cost item for Synthesis Technology to offer.
I'm posing this hypothetical situation for 'a friend.'
Thanks in advance for comments. I know cabinetry hgas been discussed here
almost as much as the modules, but I wanted to hear from those that might be
using store-bought racks as well.