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Subject: MOTM-700-800 view.

From: Gur Milstein <gur-m@...
Date: 1999-03-16

hi list.
after playing with the 700 and 800 for a while i wanted to write
my view.
well i liked them both very much ,the 800 is great very fast adsr that
makes great bass drum,hi-hat and other drum sounds.
i hate the fact that it is not vc but Paul said that he would make
a vcadsr,i hope soon.
but as a simple low cost adsr it do makes the job very well.

the real thing that knock me down was the 700,it is a real power full
modul for creating logic patches.
i use it a lot as a sequence generator one switch for switching cv
frome 2 analog sequencer and the other switch for switching 2 defernt
but related sound source,this patch gives me a cange of a sequence
in a touch by playing with the switch pots (that why i want them VC)
and that way i make great music.
i would rely like to see next to the 700 a booliman logic module
and a clock div to finish the picture.
if any body try it and want to control the switch pots then
add a vca before the cv input.

the other patch that amaized me was when patching 2 SYNC(yes Paul sync)LFO's
each with defernt wave forme usealy sine and tri and out put the
switched signal to a vcf or vco or....
by switching at defernt speed you get amizing sweep's of the vcf.
it can be comperd to the TB slide but the TB is a toy siting next to it(the
TB is a toy anyway).
by playing with the wave start point on the lfo i get very
intresting slops on the output of the 700,guys chack it out.

ok thats all for now
happy soledring.

Gur Milstein