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Subject: RE: 24U or 26+U?

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-11-18

> All the talk about 24U Moog-like cabinets has raised a few questions I've
> had. I want to add a cabinet to a modular Moog for MOTM modules. The
> height of the MOTM modules is the same as the Moog modules but of course
> the width is different. I'd like to get a cabinet that is the same
> external measurements as the Moog upper cabinets (48.25" wide). When I do
> the measurements, I get 26U and change of space.

Strictly speaking, 26U is closer to exact Moog dimensions than 24U. I chose
24U because I already had a cab laying around that was that size, and also
because it is closer to the width of my Chroma, which is the controller kbd
for it and which sits under it. By all means go for 26 if you already have
real Moog cabs to match.

You may have to come up with your own rack rails, either metal or wood with
threaded inserts.

> While I'm at it, is there any simple piece of trim that I can put between
> the MOTM modules that will match the look of the metal that shows between
> the Moog modules? I see the pictures of "Dave F's" system on the
> Synthtech
> site has different colored strips between the MOTM modules. What
> was used?

Har har, that's the $64K question. Lots of us want to do this, nobody has a
great solution yet. Some of us are putting colored drafting tape on the
panel edges to visually separate them - I am, and I think Dave F. is also. I
have thought about experimenting with thin white plastic binder covers,
trimming the width way down and clipping them onto the edge. That wouldn't
give you the brushed aluminum Moog look, though.

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.