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Subject: RE: Trim & Cabinets (was: 24U or 26+U?)

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-11-18

We recently had a discussion about some of these subjects. In fact, someone
even sent around a diagram showing the Moog cabinet dimensions on-end,
provided I believe by Kevin Lightner. You can check the archive, but I don't
think the attachment will still be there.

As for the white trim, most people seem to be using some variation of
Chartpak tape. I'd used that in a DIY synth before, about 20 years ago, and
after a few years it starts to peel up badly. So I'm not real confident
about Chartpak tape. Need something made to stick to metal.

I'm hoping to find some thin (1/16th") white automotive pinstriping, but I
can't seem to find anything thinner than 5/16th" in local stores. Which is