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Subject: 24U or 26+U?

From: "Eric S. Crawley" <esc@...
Date: 1999-11-18


All the talk about 24U Moog-like cabinets has raised a few questions I've
had. I want to add a cabinet to a modular Moog for MOTM modules. The
height of the MOTM modules is the same as the Moog modules but of course
the width is different. I'd like to get a cabinet that is the same
external measurements as the Moog upper cabinets (48.25" wide). When I do
the measurements, I get 26U and change of space. I see everyone talking
about 24U cabinets which makes me think I'm doing something wrong. Am I
not calculating the "slop" space correctly? Isn't 1U=1.75"? Of course,
having the space for an extra 2U module is a good thing, right!

Is anyone out there building a cabinet that is ∗exactly∗ the outside size
of a Moog cabinet? How did you develop the dimensions?

While I'm at it, is there any simple piece of trim that I can put between
the MOTM modules that will match the look of the metal that shows between
the Moog modules? I see the pictures of "Dave F's" system on the Synthtech
site has different colored strips between the MOTM modules. What was used?