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Subject: Re: Paul's Minibus

From: "Paul R Bower" <vulture.squadron@...
Date: 1999-11-17

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From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...>
To: <>
Date: 16 November 1999 17:52
Subject: Re: [motm] Paul's Minibus
Also there were two pairs of day-glo
>socks on top of all the styrofoam peanuts. They did say "BOSS" because
>he's trying to sell guitar pedals, but they're still day-glo socks! (One
>green pair and one pink pair.)

that would be another four reasons why i should still solder my own - i
generally wear military surplus East German border guard boots (�23 and ten
years and still going strong) - and as i walk heavy have to wear two pairs
of heavy knit woollen socks - even in summer (even in summer in italy too)
anyone want to start a sock thread..?
i have a minor solution to the minibus "problem" - but it's 11u wide and 15u
high - i'm still waiting for some metalwork (as i seem inable to cut in a
straight line), but it should be a niftly little box of tricks when
finished - the secret - as always - is in the horizontal struts - more
details when it actually works...