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Subject: Re: Paul's Minibus

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-11-15

∗∗∗ jlarryh@... writes:
>>I'm glad to see Paul coming out with these as I believe that horizontal
multiples just below the modules make much more sense that a multiple panel
some place on the synth that looks like "phone company central" once you
get a few multiples made up.<<

When talking to Paul on the phone the one time I did, I told him that
multiples in a totally non standard MOTM format would be a mistake. If he
does both configurations, then no problem. But a 19" wide multiple screws
over everybody who doesn't have an exact 10U wide synth, in addition to those
who already built cases. He could avoid the "phone company central" look if
he just goes with a 1U wide module, so the user could better disperse them
about his synth.

(Someone who would like to see a new Patch Panel product in a stand alone box
for general studio use and patching, and replacement of some of the banana
jacks with RCA connectors.)