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Subject: Re: Sequencer

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-02-06

> From: Steve <eboyz@...>
> I think the MOAS idea is wonderful. However, a small 'utility' sequencer
> also be very useful, and this could be realized much sooner than the
> Something like 8 steps with a couple of gate buses, externally clocked,
> to be daisy chained so 2 could give 16 steps, or 2 rows of 8 steps. This
is a
> simple design, but it would be nice if it was in the same style as the
rest of
> the MOTM system. Kind of a 1/2 arp sequencer in a 3U panel thing, 2
columns of
> 4 knobs each and then a column of switches 2 wide. What do you guys

I think that is an interesting suggestion. I like everything Paul has done
so far. And, I am sure you guys that have used sequencers extensively will
have a ton of ideas for him. However, I am a guy who has NEVER used an
analog sequencer. I really have no valuable input now. But, I might after
using one a bit. I have used digital based sequencers (both hardware and
software) so I confortable with that concept. Someone however, will have
to explain to me (or I will have to figure out on my own using one) why I
will even use an analog sequencer. The only "pattern" type stuff I have
played with is using "arppegio" on my JP-6 (way cool).

> Also, I am curious how many of each module everyone else is building and
why. I
> seem to have gone a little wild. Mostly because I want to be able to have
> seperate patches going on the thing at the same time. This information
> also help those of use who are less experienced in planning a system that
> meet our needs as we gain experience. I want this system to last a
lifetime. I
> have:

Steve, this is an EXCELLENT suggestion. I am one of those who also wants
at least two separate patches going on and know I will need at least tow of
everything, and 4 or 6 of others. However, I am also one of those modular
newbies. Paul has been gracious and helpful in his explainations. I would
like to go "wild" as you have Steve. However, college for my oldest son
costs me between $1000 and $1200 a month and will for the next 4 more years
(med school) so, I have to limit myself to about one or two modules at a
time. Since you asked though, here is what I have and am planning. Any
input from others on this list would be appreciated by this newbie.

(1) 100 plan to buy one more
(1) 110 plan to buy one more
(1) 120 plan to buy one more
700 - plan to buy 2 or more (1 at a time)
(4) 800 - I knew I would need at least 4 for two voices. And, I am
thinking it might be cool to have one to EG VCO frequency for some patches.
So, I expect to have at least 5 or more. You can't have to many EGs can

> (1) 900 << Steve wrote -- I am still awaiting arrival of the "case"
style power supply. I plan to build my own case. Right now I have it in a
rack. But, I have this idea that a modular should look something like the
big old wood box Moogs commonly seen on Kevin Lightners synthfool page.

> (3) 940 (to interface my Fenix) << Steve wrote -- MOTM will be my only
modular (unless you count my MS-20). So, I didn't need interface to the
outside world. I will need interface to MIDI2CV. However, my current one
has 1/4" outs. So, I am keeping 100% of my cable 1/4 to 1/4. And when I
get a Kenton, I will have cables from it to a 1/4" patch too.

Thanks Steve for a thought provoking post. Now, lets here from the rest of

Larry Hendry