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Subject: Cavin Mixer arrived

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-11-11

Oh well. The list is quiet, so I thought I would blabber.

My "free" Carvin 24 channel 8 bus mixer arrived today. Sigh.... Kind of
like Paul's expected mint condition Dual Showman... Needless to say it is
a project. It sat in some water on its back so that all the I/O jacks were
wet at one time. There is some rust and water stain. Looks like that will
be a project in itself. Some one was 1/2 through disconnecting and
removing one of the boards. So, I am wondering "why?" Perhaps it had
trouble and then some unqualified person tried to work on it.

All the channel boards and such look quite clean and nice. And it appears
to have a large number of socketed op amps and some very nice long throw
slider pots and such. So, if it turns out to be not worth fixing, it will
be a source of LOTS of nice parts.

See my ad on E-bay "hard to find, vintage Carvin replacement knobs $2
each" HA HA...

And no power supply. Until I get some service info (assuming I ever do) I
don't even have a clue what the power supply voltages are supposed to be.
It uses 3 pin XLR connectors. Maybe it is something sweet like +/- 15 VDC.
Nah.. That would make too much sense.

Larry (in need of MOTM to solder) Hendry