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Subject: Re: Tomita Con Brio

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-11-06

Ken.Tkacs@... writes:

>>Yeah, as soon as Tomita started forsaking his Moog in favor of the Con Brio
and other digital stuff, it seemed like the life went out of his music. I
haven't even heard his last bunch of albums... now I understand there's a
Japan-only release of him doing Bach? I can't imagine what that's like. His
sensibility was more the "watercolor/impressionism" which worked well with
his free tone colors, contrasted with Carlos being more precise and doing
Bach. Now Tomita's doing Bach? I shudder to think.<<

His latest Bach album is the only one I don't have. From what I heard, he
sampled his Moog for use in that, so it may not contain much digital. Tomita
did do Bach in "Sea Named Solaris" on this Kosmos album. That worked well
because it was in his usual spacey style. He also did Bach in a more
conventional way on "Dawn Chorus". I believe both those tracks have also
been included on his latest Bach release.