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Subject: Re: Microtonal

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-11-05

>>∗∗∗Ken.Tkacs@... writes∗∗∗:
I was also able to do 19-tone Equal on my ESQ-M by editing every voice that
I wanted to use and scaling the pitch control. So for a while I was using
these three machines to play with some MT. However, those machines had such
poor tuning resolution that it really wasn't a fair test of alternate
Didn't Carlos use the Synergy for her early microtonal works? I picked up a
Kurzweil K2000 because she seems to swear by those now, doing most of her
work with two of them MIDI'd together, but I honestly haven't had much time
to spend with it recently, or to figure out the tuning tables.∗∗∗∗<<

Elhardt writes:
This got me to thinking. The Roland JV series also allows setting the
individual 12 frequecies per scale. If you wanted to get 19 microtonal notes
per scale on a synth that allows the above 12 note manipulation, you could
maybe create two patches in multi-timbral mode, each with tuned notes
covering part of a scale. One midi channel controls the first 12 notes, and
another midi channel controls the additional 7, so now you can get your 19
(or any number) note scale.